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Khronos Laptimer Khronos Laptimer AppStore Khronos Laptimer

Professional laptimer for sport events. Get times up to four drivers at the same time.

Record all your circuits, sessions, drivers and lap times.

Get best times for circuits, sessions, personal times, lap differences, etc.

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ApG Fruits Another puzzle Game - Fruits AppStore ApG Fruits

Another puzzle Game with fruits and …

… no, this is not just another puzzle game. This is an amusing game.

It is a fun game that will make you have a good time in case you have just a few minutes but also if you have more time. Warning: You'll Get Hooked on it!

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ScreenTest ScreenTest Download ScreenTests

Stuck pixels? Backlight Bleeding?

Intended to aid you in correcting stuck pixels in your iPhone, iPad, iPod and external screens. This isn't just another "test" that you can find online, this App uses a logarithm wich, at a high frequency, excite pixels and hopefully release their stuck state.

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Khronos Laptimer Lite Khronos Laptimer Lite AppStore Khronos Laptimer Lite

Try Khronos Laptimer for free, fully functional, but with a limited number of records. go to App